Naps vs. Coffee. Which Is a Better Choice for the Sleep-Deprived Musician?

coffee vs. sleep. which is better for the sleep-deprived musician?

Naps were a way of life for me in college (though it’s debatable whether a 4-hour “nap” still qualifies as such), and there are indications that napping is becoming a more culturally accepted practice as companies like Google, The Huffington Post, Zappos, and Nike are encouraging employees to nap instead of insisting that they try […]

Are Great Sight-Readers Born or Made?

are great sight readers born or made?

I grew up learning music by ear, so when I first began playing in an orchestra and saw how some of my friends could simply look at a new piece of music and play it in real-time, I was totally impressed (and more than a little intimidated). I did get better at it over time, […]